Cancer is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity around the world.

A multi-cancer screening test and analysis platform to detect and assess overall cancer risk. CDA analyzes biophysical properties in human blood.

Many liquid-based cancer screening and detection technologies focus on biochemical signals (such as conventional biomarkers), genomic signals (such as ct-DNAs) and CTCs (circulating tumor cells in the blood) and can typically only determine whether or not cancer has occurred at a static point in time.

Anpac Bio’s CDA technology is a platform by which we can assess the overall cancer risk for individuals combined with existing bio-markers tests to identify where the cancer is most likely located at a competitive price point.

Only a standard blood sample required.

Backed by comprehensive data from over 140,000 cases (commercial cancer screening & clinical research samples), CDA technology improves early cancer screening and detection–allowing medical professionals more treatment options and patients more opportunities to beat the disease and enjoy healthy lives.

Our proprietary CDA device and algorithm uses an integrated sensor system to detect certain biophysical signals in blood samples at multiple biological levels (protein, cellular and molecular) using multiple measurement parameters.


Innovators in the cancer screening market
CDA research ongoing since 2008.


Detects early signals of threatening cancer
And identifies the cancer’s location in the body with combination tests


Identifies the risks of 26 different types of cancer
With high sensitivity and specificity rates


Provides multi-level, multi-parameter analysis using proprietary diagnostic algorithms
Resulting in accurate and easy-to-understand “CDA Values”.


Fully-operational, analyzing over 140,000 test samples ran to date
Identified pre- or early-stage cancers in patients previously diagnosed “cancer-free” through traditional methods.

Biophysical Properties

CDA analyzes biophysical properties in the human blood
Research shows a correlation between biophysical properties (acoustical, electrical, magnetic, nano-mechanical and optical properties) and cancer occurrence.

Results speak. Take a look at our research study results to date.

Anpac Bio scientists have published and presented verified research studies at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the World Nobel Prize Laureate Summit on Biomedical Sciences, among others.

“game changing”

CDA technology is called “game-changing” in Nobel Prize Laureate Summit on Biomedical Science (NPLS) publications.

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