Solutions for Oncologists

Commercially available tests provide information that can help advanced cancer patients obtain the right treatment.

All our solutions for patients with cancer are supported by Anpac Bio’s proprietary CDA technology, which revolutionizes early cancer screening and detection–allowing medical professionals more treatment options and patients more opportunities to beat the disease and enjoy healthy lives.
CDA technology analyzes in vitro “Blood Biopsies,” applying Anpac Bio’s proprietary, multi-level multi-parameter screening algorithms to identify over 26+ cancers with greater sensitivity and specificity, fewer “false positives,” at a cost that is substantially less than traditional screening methods, such as imaging and tissue biopsy.

Treatment selection for patients with advanced cancer.

For oncologists, Guardant360 provides comprehensive genomic results from a simple blood draw in approximately seven days, helping them move beyond the limitations of tissue biopsies to match patients with the best treatments. Obtaining clinically relevant genomic information through a blood draw helps them avoid an additional tissue or surgical biopsy and moves beyond the limitations of tissue specimens. Guardant360 covers all genes recommended for profiling by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, including the 73 genes most relevant to clinical care.

“game changing”

Read about our CDA technology at the Nobel Prize Laureate Summit on Biomedical Science (NPLS) publications.

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