Northwestern’s Dr. Lee Shulman Joins Anpac Bio Technical Advisory Board

SACRAMENTO, Calif.Oct. 23, 2018  — Dr. Chris Yu, Chief Executive Officer of international life sciences corporation, Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company (Anpac Bio), announced today that Northwestern University’s Dr. Lee P. Shulman, MD, FACMG, FACOG, has joined Anpac Bio’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB).

Northwestern University’s Dr. Lee P. Shulman, MD, is the newest member of Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company’s #AnpacBio Technical Advisory Board. Shulman will be studying Anpac Bio’s “Cancer Differentiation Analysis” (CDA) liquid biopsy technology’s potential applications for reproductive cancer screening–particularly ovarian cancers. Anpac Bio’s liquid biopsy technology identifies 26+ different cancers with a single, standard blood test; usually at its earliest stages. More Info:

It was due to Dr. Shulman’s extensive, award-winning research experience and reputation for identifying innovative solutions to fight disease that prompted the Anpac Bio TAB invitation. Shulman will be studying Anpac Bio’s “Cancer Differentiation Analysis” (CDA) liquid biopsy technology’s potential applications for reproductive cancer screening – particularly ovarian cancers. Among Shulman’s accomplishments:

  • The Anna Ross Lapham Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Chief, Division of Clinical Genetics
  • Director, Northwestern Ovarian Cancer Early Detection and Prevention Program
  • Co-Director, Cancer Genetics Program – Robert S. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University
  • Medical Director, Insight Medical Genetics and Reproductive Genetics Innovations
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and PharmacognosyUniversity of Illinois at Chicago College of PharmacyChicago, Illinois
  • President, Central Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Since 2008, Anpac Bio pioneered liquid biopsy research for cancer screening. Comprehensive research validity data from 100,000+ human cases processed (to date), demonstrate CDA diagnostics consistently detects 26+ different cancers — with 75%-90% sensitivity and specificity rates — usually identifying the disease at the earliest stages. And it does so without any harmful patient side effects; generating far fewer “false positives”; at a cost, substantially lower than traditional testing (such as imaging); and generating results within minutes of sample submission. Anpac Bio has filed 250+ CDA-related patent applications worldwide – 101+ issued by 20 countries (to date); and is fully-commercialized and earning liquid-biopsy screening revenue.

“Our Anpac Bio team is pleased to welcome Dr. Shulman as our newest Technical Advisory Board Member,” states Dr. Yu. “Dr. Shulman’s extensive reproductive cancer experience is of particular interest to our company. Too often, ovarian and other similar cancers are caught very late stage, when medical professionals have few options to treat the disease. However, our Anpac Bio technology is consistently generating outstanding results identifying early stage reproductive cancers. So, we are excited Dr. Shulman will be testing our equipment against the current, traditional screening methods; as well as advising us on how we can best support medical professionals’ efforts to catch the diseases and save their patients!”

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