Anpac Bio Wins Global Precision Medicine Industry Award: 2017 ‘Most Promising Cancer Screening Company’

SACRAMENTO, Calif.July 17, 2017 —The Global Precision Medicine Industry Awards leadership named international life sciences corporation Anpac Bio-Medical Science Co., Ltd. (“Anpac Bio”), the 2017, “Most Promising Cancer Screening Company” award winner; in recognition of Anpac Bio’s proprietary, “Cancer Differentiation Analysis” (CDA) liquid biopsy cancer screening and diagnostic support services.

Anpac Bio CEO Dr. Chris Yu proudly accepted the 2017 Global Precision Medicine Industry Award for “Most Promising Cancer Screening Company” from Award Judge, Professor Xu Chongren, Executive Vice President, School of Life Sciences at Peking University; at the China & America Precision Medicine Forum in Shanghai, China. The award recognized Anpac Bio’s Cancer Differentiation Analysis liquid biopsy “diagnostics services excellence” in identifying early stage cancer. Photo courtesy of Anpac Bio.

Citing Anpac Bio’s, “excellence in diagnostics services”, the Global Precision Medicine Industry Award was presented to Anpac Bio Chief Executive Officer Dr. Chris Yu at the international China America Precision Medicine Forum in Shanghai, China. The Global Precision Medicine Industry Awards recognize individuals, organizations, hospitals, and solution providers worldwide that demonstrate “an unparalleled ability to succeed and have continually set standards of excellence,” supporting medical professionals that provide patients precision medicine solutions.

“Our Anpac Bio team is very proud to accept this very prestigious, international honor,” states Yu. “We are happy that the Global Precision Medicine Industry recognized CDA as a valuable and effective tool supporting patient diagnosis. Multiple research studies indicate the sooner cancer is detected, the better opportunity there is to create the precise medicine needed to best combat the disease with minimal side effects. We are happy Anpac Bio’s CDA technology identifies cancer at its earliest stages for medical professionals to facilitate effective precision treatments; and ultimately increase patient opportunities for a cure.”

Described as “game changing” in World Nobel Prize Laureate Summit publications, Anpac Bio’s proprietary CDA medical devices and liquid biopsy screening services effectively reinvent early cancer detection. By analyzing simple, standard blood tests, and applying Anpac Bio’s multi-level, multi-parameter, diagnostic algorithms, Anpac Bio’s CDA technology identifies cancer with measurably greater sensitivity, specificity and accuracy than most current, conventional screening/diagnostic methods.

Comprehensive research validity data from 40,000 cases (to date) indicate CDA far exceeds existing or competing screening technologies — revealing a sensitivity and specificity rate range of 75%-90% for over 26 different types of cancer – most at the diseases’ earliest stages. And it does so without any harmful side effects in patients; generating far fewer “false positives”; at a cost, substantially lower than traditional testing (such as imaging); and generating results within minutes of sample submission.

Attracting corporations and researchers worldwide, the China & America Precision Medicine Forum‘s mission is to, “Deepen Bilateral Cooperation; Enabling Successful Implementation of Precision Medicine 2.0.”  For further information regarding the annual event:

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