Anpac Bio

Founded in 2010 by interdisciplinary scientists and experts in the fields of medicine, physics, biology, biochemistry, nano-technology, etc., Anpac Bio is considered as one of the pioneers and leaders of multi(pan)-cancer detection, as well as an early inventor and developer in multi-level and multi-parameter cancer screening technology.

Over the past decade, Anpac Bio has focused on break-through innovations, with a multi-disciplinary approach combining nano-technology, biophysical and biomedical technologies, and has overcome the technical challenges of early cancer screening.

Anpac Bio has been carrying out multi-cancer detection tests using its novel and patented cancer differentiation analysis technology (CDA) for cancer risks in general population.  It has accumulated over 300,000 multi-cancer test samples and data.  It is saving lives.

CDA Early Cancer Risk Assessment

CDA and Gene combination test

APCS Pan-Cancer Screening

CDA and Gene combination test

ADME Third Immune Defense Test

CDA and Gene combination test

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