Anpac Bio CEO Keynote Speaker at UC Biomedical & Engineering Entrepreneurship Academy

SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 8, 2016  — Dr. Chris Yu, Chief Executive Officer of international life sciences corporation Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company, will deliver the Keynote Address to award-winning life and technical science students, faculty, administration, corporate partners, officials, and general public, to launch the University of California Biomedical & Engineering Entrepreneurship Academy (BMEA), Monday, July 11, 2016 at 6 pm.

Hosted by/at the University of California, Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Institute) and co-sponsored by UCD’s Biomedical Engineering DepartmentSchool of MedicineSchool of Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School of Management and Office of Research, the BMEA is considered one of UC’s premiere programs for commercializing science and engineering innovations. BMEA attendees, recognized by their UC campus leadership statewide as aspiring and early-stage scientific innovators, are graduates/undergraduates, postdoctoral research fellows, and life sciences/biomedical engineering faculty, that receive deep immersion in business development and other skills necessary to move their research out of the lab and successfully into the marketplace.

Dr. Yu, an accomplished serial entrepreneur, innovative physicist, and pioneering inventor, will present, “Game Changing Innovation: An Unconventional Path to Success,” sharing with attendees how his own road to success was not always smooth. Several times, Dr. Yu had to challenge the conventional thought and leadership of the day, to achieve breakthrough science and technology advancement. His speech will also provide practical tips, tools, and advice for achieving career success through true innovation and disruption; offer suggestions on recruiting appropriate mentors to assist and champion efforts/ideas; and encourage attendees to challenge conventional thought/leadership if necessary, to achieve long-lasting and profound breakthroughs benefiting mankind.

The BMEEA launch event featuring Dr. Yu’s Keynote Address, is open and free to the public:

Anpac Bio also underwrote five, “Anpac Bio-Medical Innovation & Entrepreneur Fellowships” to UC students statewide that demonstrate particular promise to participate in September’s University of California Entrepreneurship Academy (UCEA).

“We are very excited and proud to enter into this new partnership with Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company and host Dr. Yu as the Academy’s Keynote speaker,” states Cleveland Justis, Institute Executive Director. “The Anpac-sponsored fellowships will allow us the funding and flexibility to recruit and award life science’s brightest minds, most talented academics, and worthy participants displaying promise as entrepreneurs or ‘corporate intrepreneurs’, to attend our academies. Anpac’s sponsorship of the Biomedical and Engineering Entrepreneurship Academy will underwrite a terrific event and attract top-notch keynote speakers like Dr. Yu, to inspire our academy students.”

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