Anpac Bio Achieves Milestone of Exceeding Seventy Patents Issued in Twenty Countries/Regions Worldwide

SACRAMENTO, CA | April 16, 2018 –International life sciences and cancer screening technology corporation Anpac Bio-Medical Science Co.,  Ltd. (“Anpac Bio”),  recently achieved a significant milestone of receiving over seventy patents issued in twenty major countries throughout the world. Anpac Bio’s CEO, Dr. Chris Yu, has an impressive background as an inventor of many cutting-edge technologies, and has filed over three hundred patent applications with over one hundred related to cancer diagnostics.

Anpac Bio now has one of the leading patent portfolios of cancer diagnostic companies globally. The company’s intellectual property is key to its current business and future international commercial expansion.

To date, patents have been issued in a number of countries and regions globally, including: China, Japan, the United States, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Taiwan Area, and in Europe.

Dr. Chris Yu commented: “Since the late 1990s, Anpac Bio has championed major innovations and trends in the field of cancer screening, including (1) multi-cancer screening, (2) multi-level, multi-parameter cancer screening technology, and (3) simpler and more cost effective cancer screening approaches which will benefit every human being.”

Anpac Bio is also on track to have over 200,000 individual/cases served in 2018 and continues to enjoy rapidly growing commercial relationships with global Fortune 500 companies, insurers and manufacturers in Asia, as well as leading research institutions in the United States. Anpac Bio is screening out cancer signals far earlier and more effectively than any competitors. It continues to lead the sector in innovation and providing potentially life-saving detection and screening processes on thousands of individuals weekly.

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