ANPAC Bio-Medical launching new facility in Pennsylvania.
The Science of CDA

Called “game-changing” in Nobel Prize Laureate Summit on Biomedical Science (NPLS) publications, Anpac Bio’s CDA technology and proprietary medical devices effectively reinvent early cancer screening and detection.

By analyzing simple, in vitro, “Blood Biopsies” and applying Anpac Bio’s proprietary, multi-level, multi-parameter, diagnostic algorithms, CDA technology and testing identifies cancer and other diseases with measurably greater sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy than most current, conventional screening methods. And it does so without any harmful side-effects in patients; generating far fewer “false positives;” and at a cost substantially lower than traditional testing (such as imaging).

Anpac Bio’s proprietary Cancer Differentiation Analysis (CDA) technology:

• Detects 20 different types of cancer in all stages of development—often identifying cancer at its earliest stages

• Distinguishes the cancer’s likely location in the body; helping physicians identify the disease and best treatment options

• Is far more accurate than other, traditional cancer testing, with a 75%-90% sensitivity and specificity rate, in 50,000 cases to date

• Has screened out >450 cases of pre- and stage I cancer, and diseases which may lead to cancer, which were NOT screened out using current cancer screening technology.