ANPAC Bio-Medical launching new facility in California.
Meet the People Who Are Changing the Game
The Leadership Team
Dr. Chris Yu
Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Chris Yu attended medical school before changing his studies to Physics and earning his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. He is a successful Fortune 500 business executive, innovative engineer, and pioneering inventor.
Dr. Herbert Yu
Co-Founder/Chief Science Officer
Dr. Herbert Yu is an M.D, with a Ph.D. in Clinical Biochemistry from University of Toronto. He is a highly acclaimed research director and professor in epidemiology and cancer research at Yale University and University Hawaii.
Drisha Leggitt
Vice President, Business Development
Ms. Leggitt is an internationally recognized marketing and PR professional who has helped lead Fortune 500 technology companies. As a Stage 4 cancer survivor herself, she is passionate about early cancer detection.
Mark Luhdorff
Chief Financial Officer
Over twenty-five years of experience as a CFO and CPA leading and guiding successful companies toward meeting their objectives.
Sharon Vorse-Yu
Vice President, Technical Operations
In Sherry’s 30 year working career, she has worked in research labs, greenhouses, and on research teams doing biodiversity field work and data collection. She has also been a certified biology and general science teacher.

Our Worldwide Team

Anpac Bio employs nearly 70 creative and innovative scientists, researchers, engineers, and business professionals worldwide. Educated at internationally-acclaimed, universities and educational institutions (such as Yale University); and recruited from Fortune 500, NYSE- and NASDAQ-listed corporations (including General Electric, Bayer, Roche, etc.); Anpac employees are recognized leaders in the medical device industry and technology industries.

Collectively, Anpac Bio’s employees have filed over 300 patents, (with more than 200 issued to date). The company’s multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach results in a strong track record of successful innovation, leading to laboratory trials, pilot plant development, full-scale manufacturing, and market growth.

Anpac Bio-Medical’s scientists have been invited to share the company’s breakthrough CDA research results at respected international health and science events such as the Nobel Prize Laureate Summit on Biomedical Science, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and the international ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium.

Team Culture

Anpac Bio is mission-focused on developing tools for early disease detection. As part of that mission, the company promotes a healthy corporate culture of creativity, teamwork, balance, and commitment to excellence, family, and social responsibility.

The company’s unique, cross-disciplinary approach combines medicine, biochemistry, and engineering—to achieve vastly superior early disease screening and detection technology.