ANPAC Bio-Medical launching new facility in California.
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Anpac Bio is a pre-listing, multi-national, biomedical research and diagnostics company currently developing break-through early-stage cancer detection technology to help people survive cancer. By analyzing simple in vitro, whole “Blood Biopsies” with Anpac’s paradigm-shifting “Cancer Differentiation Analysis” (CDA) proprietary technology and the company’s multi-level, multi-parameter, exclusive testing models, Anpac can identify at least ten different types of cancers—usually at the disease’s earliest stages. To date, Anpac’s rigorous and published research validity data from nearly 25,000 cases has demonstrated Anpac’s CDA technology successfully detecting and identifying early signals of threatening cancer—and the type of cancer (or where it is located in the body) with 75%—90% accuracy.

Anpac Bio is now hiring experienced, talented, dedicated and innovative researchers, scientists, technicians, and other biosciences and technology leaders, for the company’s U.S. headquarters in Sacramento, CA. For more information regarding Anpac Bio employment, or to apply for open positions please contact: