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Anpac Bio CMO Drisha Leggitt Named 2018 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ‘Woman of the Year’

SACRAMENTO, Calif.May 15, 2018  — Announced before 600+ corporate and health leaders from Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Dignity Health, and the University of California health systems; the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) in Greater Sacramento named, Drisha Leggitt, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of international life sciences corporation Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company its 2018, “Woman of the Year” (LLSWOY).

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in Greater Sacramento named Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company Chief Marketing Officer Drisha Leggitt its 2018, “Woman of the Year”. Pictured here between LLS’ first “Girl of the Year” (GOY) and current Anpac Bio Marketing Assistant Allison Steele; and 2018 GOY Gracie Gonzales; Leggitt, a blood cancer survivor, celebrated the 25th anniversary of her late stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis by raising $70,000 for LLS and earning the LLSWOY title. (Photo by LLSGSC).

Leggitt, a former Stage IV blood cancer survivor, celebrated the 25th anniversary of her late stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis by dedicating ten weeks to LLS fundraising through multiple events, speaking appearances, communications campaigns, and media relations. The campaign concluded on Saturday, May 12, when LLS announced Leggitt’s selection as the 2018 LLSWOY – collecting over $70,000 for the nonprofit organization.

In addition to the LLSWOY title, Leggitt will name a 2018 LLS blood cancer research portfolio grant – created annually to fund innovative research projects.

While Leggitt’s campaign was personal, her employer, Anpac Bio, enthusiastically supported her efforts, donating a $25,000 “Presenting Sponsorship”, and other in-kind endorsement.

“Our Anpac Bio team is very proud Drisha Leggitt was named the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s ‘Woman of the Year’,” states Dr. Chris Yu, Anpac Bio Chief Executive Officer. “Drisha leads our company’s global marketing and business development with experience and professionalism. I knew when I hired her that she was fully-committed to Anpac Bio’s mission of early cancer detection and prevention; in part because of her own personal battle fighting late-stage blood cancer. So, I wasn’t surprised she was nominated for this great honor. And we remain proud to cheer on her efforts!”

Described as “game changing”, and receiving the, “Breakthrough Innovation Award”, at the World Nobel Prize Laureate Summit; and named, “Most Promising Cancer Screening Company”, at the 2017 Global Precision Medicine IndustryAwards, Anpac Bio’s “Cancer Differentiation Analysis” (CDA) liquid biopsy technology effectively reinvents early cancer screening/detection.

Comprehensive research validity data from 80,000+ cases to date demonstrate CDA detects up to 26 cancers — with 75%-90% sensitivity and specificity rates — usually identifying the disease at its earliest stages. And it does so without harmful side effects; generating far fewer “false positives”; and at a cost substantially lower than traditional testing. Anpac Bio has filed 200+ CDA-related patent applications worldwide – 80+ issued currently.