Anpac Bio Wins 2018 International ‘BIG Innovation Award’

Sacramento, CA – Dr. Chris Yu, Chief Executive Officer of international life sciences corporation Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company, announced today that Anpac Bio has won the highly prestigious, international, “2018 BIG Innovation Award”.

Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company was named 2018 “BIG Innovation Award” Winner, in recognition of its global, “game-changing” research and services – particularly related to its breakthrough, “Cancer Differentiation Analysis” (CDA) liquid biopsy technology. The only company worldwide, fully-commercialized and earning revenue providing liquid biopsy screening, Anpac Bio’s proprietary (200+ patents filed to date) CDA identifies 26+ different, early-stage cancers from a single, low-cost blood test.

Recognizing the entire corporation for executing significant and consistent innovation through its worldwide research and services, Anpac Bio was particularly recognized as an international, “Big Innovation Award” winner due to its breakthrough and rapidly expanding, “Cancer Differentiation Analysis” (CDA) liquid biopsy technology.

Described as “game changing”, and also receiving the, “Breakthrough Innovation Award”, at the World Nobel Prize Laureate Summit ; and named, “Most Promising Cancer Screening Company”, at the 2017 Global Precision Medicine Industry Awards,  Anpac Bio’s CDA liquid biopsy technology was presented the 2018 “Big Innovation Award”, in recognition of CDA’s reinvention of early cancer screening and detection.

By analyzing simple, standard, blood tests, and applying Anpac Bio’s proprietary, multi-level, multi-parameter, diagnostic algorithms, Anpac Bio’s CDA liquid biopsy technology identifies cancer with measurably-greater accuracy than most current, conventional screening methods. And it does so without any harmful side effects in patients; generating far fewer “false positives”; at a cost substantially lower than traditional testing; and generating results within minutes of sample submission.

Comprehensive research validity data from 80,000+ cases, and independently-corroborated by world-renowned hospitals and cancer research leaders, demonstrate Anpac Bio’s CDA diagnostics consistently detects 26+ cancers — with a sensitivity and specificity rate range of 75%-90%. Anpac Bio is the only company fully-commercialized and generating revenue providing liquid biopsy screening services. Over 200 CDA patent applications (70+ issued to date) have been filed worldwide.

“We are very proud that Anpac Bio is a 2018 ‘Big Innovation Award’ winner,” states Yu. “Our corporate culture at Anpac Bio encourages constant questioning and testing of the status quo. For dozens of years, the medical and research communities have applied the same, often toxic and ineffective methods to treat cancer. We invented CDA to challenge the status quo thinking of only treating cancer. CDA allows doctors and patients an innovative solution to beating cancer by catching the disease at its earliest stages. If cancer is caught early, the patient has the most, effective treatment options, and the best chance to beat the disease and live healthy lives. We are honored to receive the ‘Big Innovation Award’ recognizing our company and technology for being novel, positive, and disruptive in worldwide fight against cancer.”

Anpac Bio joins other prestigious, “The Big Innovation Award” winners, including Abbott technologies, Bechtel, Deutsche Telekom, Dow Chemicals, Drone Racing League, Harman, Hughes, Neeve Research, PepsiCo, Phononic, Resolute, Sleep Number, SpiderCloud Wireless, Symphony Clinical Research, TerraCycle, Procter & Gamble, and Vision Critical. Presented by the Business Intelligence Group, Organizations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the 2018 BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and industry executives considered international experts in the category they are judging.

“This year’s winners show the diversity of innovation and its impact on the economy, our cultures and the world as a whole,” said Maria Jimenez, chief operating officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring  Anpac Bio as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the daily lives of so many.”

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