ANPAC Bio-Medical launching new facility in California.
About Anpac Bio

Decades of research by the world’s most respected cancer scientists and physicians consistently reveals one conclusion:

Most people can survive cancer if the disease is caught early.

This fact led Anpac Bio Co-Founders, Dr. Chris Yu and Dr. Herbert Yu, to ask the question that ultimately launched the company:

“What if we could detect cancer before tumors start?”

Achieving that goal became the Anpac Co-Founders’ quest. They began breaking the problem apart—drawing on expertise in:

  • Cancer research
  • Bio-chemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Nano-technology
  • Surface science
  • Material science
  • Detection
  • Physics
  • Engineering and manufacturing

Together they founded Anpac Bio-Medical Science Co., Ltd. in 2008, bringing together a multi-national team of medical, biomedical and nanotechnology scientists, and engineering experts. Their unique, cross-disciplinary approach combines numerous fields of science, medicine and engineering to achieve vastly superior early cancer screening and detection technology.

Prescient Science
Anpac Bio’s patented Cancer Differentiation Analysis (CDA) technology reinvents cancer screening and early detection. Analyzing simple, “Blood Biopsies,” CDA technology and diagnostics identify up to 20 different cancers earlier, more accurately, with greater sensitivity and specificity, fewer “false positives,” at a cost that is substantially less than traditional tests—all while producing no side-effects in patients.
Anpac has filed ~ 200 patent applications globally with ~ 70 patent applications issued.

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Game Changing
CDA diagnostics were called “game changing” at the Nobel Prize Laureate Summit on Biomedical Science.
New U.S. Headquarters
Anpac Bio is establishing its U.S. headquarters in Sacramento, California, a world-renowned hub of biomedical innovation. Anpac Bio U.S. is expanding its national services through its new, administration and research operations in California. Establishing joint venture and investment partnerships, expanding research and development, hiring and engaging top bioscience, technology, and engineering talent, filing multiple patents, and conducting national clinical trials from its California-base, Anpac Bio plans to triple its disease screening and product development within three years.